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Soft calender

Soft calender: fixed high soft calender ( single pressure zone and the double pressure area )

Internal partition controllable medium-high soft calender ( single pressure zone and the double pressure area )

Properties: light is pressed paper web drying in a department, a smooth roll surface and rough surface of the paper web repetitive process, soft calendering effect very similar to iron clothes principle, by heat and pressure to obtain paper smoothness, soft calender instead of common calender and super calender is to increase the roller surface temperature and pressure zone width to replace the roller duplication of the line pressure reaches the pressure, the effect of light.

Features: hard roll surface hardness, high smoothness, when in the pressurized by a soft roll elastic deformation of roll forming the two contact surface, soft light pressure contact surface width of up to 10-25mm, for mechanical press 15 times, the unit pressure for general 20-40N / mm2, even though the calender line of high pressure unit the pressure is only a machine calender 1 / 2-1 / 4, because the pressure area of wide sheet in pressure, the residence time increases, its energy into heat in the form of transfer to paper, the paper fiber plasticizing, softened fibres easier pressure light, increase smoothness. Soft roll material elasticity, so that the roll surface can be adapted to any not good paper sheet formation and quantitative changes, so it can be more than ordinary hard pressure-ray machine has more uniform smoothness, paper thin zone and a heating roller contact good, while the thick zone thickness will decrease, so in thickness area can increase the smoothness, eliminate stains, printing performance is improved greatly, the soft calender is another benefit the paper pressing problem is eliminated basically black and color conditions, the sheet can be used in water under the condition of higher operation, not only contribute to the pages of the calendar, at the same time the paper moisture can be maintained high level. Soft calender nip pressure, temperature, pressure zone width and pressure zone of pressure light effect.

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